The Reinforced Earth® Group has led this industry across 6 continents, with an ongoing interest in everything we have built since 1963.
The Reinforced Earth Company has led this industry across 5 continents around the world with a reputation that still remains unsurpassed.
The Reinforced Earth Company was launched in Australia and New Zealand in 1974 by Henri Vidal, the French engineer and architect, whose invention of Reinforced Earth® created the mechanically stabilised earth (MSE) industry.
Quality and commitment

Fairness   We are driven by ethical & fair decision-making and behaviours. We expect reciprocity from all our stakeholders.
Commitment   We do what we say and say what we do.
Empowerment   We trust our colleagues, support each other to succeed and we hold ourselves to account. 
Curiosity   We challange the status quo and we actively seek new challanges.