Coastal and Harbour

Reinforced Earth® solutions are well suited to seawalls, quays, jetties and marinas. Reinforced Earth® structures can be designed to resist the immense forces of water associated with waves and swell as well as extreme flood events, water borne debris and heavy operating live loads from cranes, freight cars or bollards.


The unique range of soil reinforcements available means that there is a solution available to meet durability requirements in fresh, brackish or saltwater environments, achieving design life and guaranteeing lifetime performance. Design detailing can provide for rapid drawdown scenarios, prevent perched water tables, or if necessary, waterproofing of the structure.


The versatility of Reinforced Earth® systems means the possibilities are limitless, and together with our long standing reputation and worldwide experience and affiliations, you can have the confidence that your structure will perform as intended for as long as intended in a challenging marine environment.

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