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Railway Walls and Underbridges

Reinforced Earth® retaining walls are used in many countries to support high speed and heavy railways, as well as metro and light transit lines.


Studies demonstrate that Reinforced Earth® structures absorb the intense vibrations created by passing trains and the sudden massive stresses associated with massive breaking loads.  In addition, Reinforced Earth® structures are not adversely effected by stray currents associated with electrified railway lines.


TechSpan® precast tunnels are also frequently used in railway applications beneath earthen embankments and can be constructed over existing tracks without closing operating railway lines.


Other Interesting Case Studies

South Road Superway

Adelaide, SA, Australia

Roe Highway Stage 7

North WA, Australia

Ballina Bypass

Ballina, NSW, Australia

Regional Rail Link – Package F

Werribee, VIC, Australia