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Tunnels and Culverts

The Reinforced Earth Company offers innovative tunnel solutions for a large variety of applications. The TechSpan® precast concrete tunnel system is versatile, cost effective and efficient to erect.


TechSpan® arches are two piece, three pinned and utilise a funicular curve design which produces the most economic use of materials whilst maximising strength and durability.


The TechSpan® solution can be designed to accommodate high fills, heavy live loads and site-specific geometries. Arches can be safely and quickly installed over existing roads, live rail lines and other services with minimal disruption to through traffic.


Drawing on our Soiltech international knowledge base of 30 years experience supplying TechSpan® arch tunnel solutions all over the world, we also can provide intrinsically related advice and services in the areas of foundation improvement, footing design, waterproofing, end walls and other treatments.

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