How it Works

Water Structures


From very early on in the Reinforced Earth® history, our systems have been used for hydraulic applications. In 2005 we introduced GeoMega® as an alternative to using steel straps in marine environments. This has extending both the durability of our structures and the range of applications that can benefit from our technology.

GeoMega® Reinforcement System for Seawalls

GeoMega® Reinforcement System



GeoMega® associates concrete facing panels with GeoStrap®. It's a synthetic reinforcement system that not only accommodates saltwater, but is also a solution for dry structures when backfill has corrosive particles.


Seepage Walls


Reinforced Earth® seepage walls are commonly used in water structures. These walls allow water to flow in and out between the concrete panels as the tides and water levels fluctuate.


A thick non-degradable geotextile fabric (designed to outlast the wall itself) is placed behind specially designed panels, allowing water to pass through freely, while preventing backfill from escaping.


It is perfectly feasible to erect Reinforced Earth® structures both in wet and dry conditions.

Sea wall, Canada

Copra Wharf, Honiara, Solomon Islands

Underwater Structures


Underwater construction of Reinforced Earth® quay-walls is achievable with a uniquely modified system involving specialised equipment, divers, and gravel-based backfill.


Whist this construction method is highly specialised, it does maintain speed of erection and has been an economical success in several countries.

Watertight Structures


Reinforced Earth® can be used for watertight structures as a means to reduce the quantity of backfill materials and the space required for large water storage facilities.


The waterproofing of Reinforced Earth® was originally made possible using a geomembrane in front of the panels, but this can also be achieved behind the concrete panel.


Special measures are also designed into the structure to eradicate pressure from any moisture that may build up from condensation behind the panels.

Trekkopje Reservoir