Shape Calculator for TechSpan® precast arch solutions

TechSpan® is unique in that every design is carefully tailored, structurally and geometrically, to meet the individual requirements of your particular project.   The innovation of this technology is to customise the shape to meet the specific clearance and loading requirements resulting in the lowest cost solution.   Our precast arch technology, known as TechSpan®, is a result of decades of research, development and experience. Building on this wealth of experience, we present a platform dedicated to help you find your bespoke precast concrete arch solution: Visit to download our catalogue and create your customized arch profile. 


Every TechSpan® arch can be designed to accommodate high fills, heavy live loads or any combination of the two.

TechSpan® arches can be installed over existing roads and waterways, live rail or other active services, with minimal disruption.

Typically TechSpan® profiles fall into one of two categories: smaller span (taller profiles) where structural efficiency under high fill loading controls;   or the wider span (flatter profiles) where fill cover above the arch is usually minimised.