TerraTilt® is a full height precast concrete panel system developed in response to demands from landscape architects and some owners for full height panels to simulate the appearance of conventional reinforced concrete walls.

Full height panel systems require excellent foundations with negligible settlement to avoid the opening of vertical joints and the potential for spalling of concrete, an unsightly appearance and loss of fill.

Additionally, the select backfill must be very well graded and free draining so that it is easily compacted with minimal effort, to avoid the development of unpredictable stress concentrations in panels during compaction. Failure to adequately address these issues prior to construction may result in unacceptable cracking in the concrete during its service life with resultant durability concerns and maintenance costs.

Full height panel systems require a larger footprint than modular panel systems during construction because very tall panels must be propped. And, despite the apparent potential for reduced construction times, the overall rate of construction will be controlled by the speed of earthworks and similar to modular panel systems.

In addition, construction with full height panels require special lifting equipment and procedures to lift, rotate above the ground and to place the large facing units safely into position. Special care must be exercised by the construction crew and equipment operators to keep the construction worksite safe.